Connect to the land

Wollundry Landscapes calls on over 65,000 years of caring for country and with that connection being embedded in our DNA we call on the wisdom of our Elders.

I acknowledge the traditional owners and custodians of the land I stand on as the first people of this country.

” The all-encompassing idea of Country embodies our peoples outlook on life.  When we speak of country, there is no delineation between people, flora, fauna and land.  It is all these things. Within Country there are places of great importance-places of birth, places of abundant food sources and above all, places of significance relating to beliefs and ancestral “story places” This Country, these places are of the heart of every Aboriginal person

An Aboriginal cultural landscape is ‘a place or area valued by an Aboriginal group (or groups) because of their long and complex relationship with that land. It expresses their unity with the natural and spiritual environment. It embodies their traditional knowledge of spirits, places, land uses, and ecology. Material remains of the association may be prominent, but will often be minimal or absent’

(Buggey 1999).

The landscape scale of cultural heritage is similar to the concept of ‘whole-of-landscape’ in ecosystem conservation – just as there is connectivity between all parts of natural ecosystems (e.g. plants, animals, soils and water) there is connectivity between cultural objects and places through past human behaviour patterns. The cultural landscape concept emphasises the landscape-scale of history and the connectivity between people, places and heritage items. It recognises that the present landscape is the product of longterm and complex relationships between people and the environment.

Let’s build something together.

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